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My Magic Lights - A truly unique gift for Christmas!
New! My Magic Lights by Peggy Weber, Amazon
My Magic Lights, The real meaning of Orbs!
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Healing through the lens


Amazing Spirit Images!
Christmas Message
Closed Churches!
Felixstowe TV!
My book on orbs with Balboa Press!
My Magic Lights!
People inside orbs
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My Magic Lights - A truly unique gift for Christmas!

What an IDEAL Christmas Gift! 

This amazing, thought provoking book makes theideal giftto give atChristmas, especially at a time when we all ask the bigger questions about the meaning of life and reflect on the wonderful memories of those dearly departed loved ones we have all lost to spirit at some time.
Peggy has ensured this book to be a truly uplifting experience, to give hope and faith that life is in fact eternal. Dotted with humour throughout Peggy's life story growing up in rural Ireland, it also gives photographic evidence that there really is a connection to our dearly departed loves ones, who want to show us they are still very much with us.

New! My Magic Lights by Peggy Weber, Amazon

New Book! 
My Magic Lights! 
Published on Amazon!

Peggy Weber is a 'spiritual' photographer and has just had her first book published by Amazon, which is available in the UK, Europe and USA.  To have a glimpse inside the book, please click on the following link:

My Magic Lights will also be published by Balboa Press for Hay House very shortly.

Born in Kilkenny, Southern Ireland, Peggy has literally lived with spirit since she was a little girl, in that, not only has she seen spirit with her own eyes, she also captures the images on camera, given to her by spirit, very similar to the way a medium receives their messages from our loved ones in spirit.

My Magic Lights, The real meaning of Orbs!

Soon to be published by Amazon,    My Magic Lightsis an autobiography in it's own niche..

Detailing Peggy's life growing up in Southern Ireland in the 1940's, and travelling to England at just 16 years old, this thought provoking book, also follows Peggy's spiritual journey, as a 'Spiritual Photographer' and healer. 

Aside from Peggy's life story, the images she captures on her standard digital camera, throws a whole new light on the REAL meaning of orbs, misty images and life after death, with her clear, crisp images of faces, people and animals inside orbs published in her first book, which are just breath taking!

Healing Energies with Peggy Weber Spirit Links

Healing Energies with Peggy Weber Spirit Links

I was absolutely over the moon to have the honour of visiting Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary recently with a dear friend.

Harry Edwards was the greatest gifted spiritual healers and demonstrated his healing in many venues across the UK including the Old Albert Hall, London. He battled with the medical profession, in demonstrating healing in a spiritual way and that it worked, often inviting Doctors up on platform to witness his own unique way of healing!

Healing through the lens

For many years I have been told I have a natural tendency for healing and the time has come now for me to follow this path.  There have been so many occasions where I have done private healing sessions through the lens, so to speak and been given firm evidence from spirit, images of which I will be sharing on my new 'Healing' page.
With so many people needing healing in this troubled world, I will be looking to booking some halls and will be inviting people to come along to these very precious sessions, making it a totally interactive and intimate experience with spirit.

Presentation at The Settlement, 2nd September 2013!

I am very excited about my forthcoming presentation on spiritual photography, hosted by the lovely Mrs Nancy Hill at The Settlement, Letchworth Garden City on Mon September 2nd 2013!
This promises to be a wonderful thought provoking evening, full of upliftment and warmth, as we look more closely in to the fascinating world of spirit and the link they continue to have with our world, through spiritual photography!

A wonderful spirit lady!

Having been to visit my daughter in Felixstowe. my sister and I had been building a 'magic place' for my Granddaughter in the garden.  Half way through in building our special den, I had one of my feelings to take a picture and we both were astonished, (especially when looking at just a thumb nail size picture on the camera) at the incredible detail of this wonderful spirit lady, that appeared in the garden.  Taken during one evening in May 2013.
Please note this image is a genuine spiritual photograph.

A Christmas Message from Peggy x

I would like to share a few true and meaningful photos, especially poignant at this time of year....

We are in a very troubled world, but there is a global shift in consciousness and more acceptance of spirituality as people seek comfort, peace and hope, very much needed in this day and age, hence me sharing these images to offer proof of a wonderful after life in a true and honest way.

The first photo, is looking back on the 'Family Chain is Broken' photos.  I took two photos in succession.

An Evening with Brian Sadler and friends

It was a great pleasure to meet Brian Sadler and friends last night at their Leighton Buzzard Philosophical Discussion group held Barringtons in Leighton Buzzard. 

I was given a very warm welcome and the evening was filled with amazing speakers giving very interesting talks on our wonderful spirit world and all other aspects of life.

My good friend Brian has written a wonderful bookcalled 'The Meaning and Purpose of Life', published by Mowbray Books, which contains a very insightful and co

Felixstowe TV! Interview by Paul Salmon

FELIXSTOWE TV! Felixstowe Suffolk

I was thrilled to have been interviewed by Paul Salmon for Felixstowe TV yesterday! Though, I have to say, I hate being in front of the camera and much prefer being behind it! 

I was very pleased with the interview although very nervous and here it is if you want to have a look! 

Love and light