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Spiritual HealingThese three photos are from a succession recently taken during a session of 'absence' healing with my dear friend Robert Allen... Note how spirit comes through to give validation for this wonderful healing.
There are so many examples of  'healing' photos to show!

Peggy works with spirit to bring healing or distant healing to those in need.

Using a selected photo/object,  Peggy will work with spirit to bring evidence that our dearly departed loved ones are still much with us and always trying to give us signs.

Peggy is available for spiritual events and private functions.

Please feel free to contact Peggy, if you have anything you want to ask about her awe inspiring work!

This lovely young lady has allowed me to use this wonderful image.  Charley was receiving a reading with my dear friend Sue Clarke, an outstanding medium.  All three of us were thrilled at this photo and the one that followed of her dear Grandad in spirit. Please see validation page.