Rendlesham Forest Night Walk 1st October 2011
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Rendlesham Forest Night Walk 1st October 2011

Rendlesham Forest Night Walk !

WOW! What a great night we all had! I will be sharing some photos soon from the group! In the meantime here are some photos of the group that attended the night walk on the UFO Trail! On arrival, we went through the risk assessment and handed out laminated maps and a copy of the original memo penned by Charles Halt -detailing the famous UFO sighting that put England on the map as the 'British Roswell Incident'! It was a very interesting night and I want to thank all those that came along!  My daughter thought it would add to the atmosphere to start playing the music 'if you go down to the woods today' and then Close Encounters of the Third Kind! We all had great fun and it is a night we will never forget! 

I will shortly be posting the group's best photos! So come back and see our special gallery!
Taken by my niece Sarah! An incredible amount of detail as you can see! Well done Sarah!

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Sarah Nealis on 03 October 2011 21:03
Hello Aunt Peggy and Patty - my photo made it...brilliant! Thanks for Saturday night, had a good night lots of laughter, it's good for the soul :-) Look forward to Landguard Fort in November. See you both soon x x x x x x x x x
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Peggy Weber on 13 October 2011 12:51
Dear Laszlo...Many thanks for your comment. However, whilst, yes some of the time you will undoubtedly get reflections of light on the lens, my website is all about 'spiritual photography'. Although my group were out walking along the UFO Trail, this was only chosen as it is a relatively small walk - not because we were looking for any proof of 'aliens' - it was purely a spiritual walk...but of course being famous trail, whilst we were there we had to also talk about why the trail had become so famous. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Also, with regards to reflections of light and dust particles on the lens, even Scientists have looked in to this and are leading the field in the research as EVEN THEY are taking it seriously and not dismissing orbs as just dust particles! This is a very encouraging thought to think that scientists are crossing over into 'researching spiritual images caught on camera! Please look up the Orbs and Prophets Conference for further very interesting reading. My very best wishes to you and yours....Peggy
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